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1x Bamboo Toothbrush - 'Embrace The Elements'

1x Bamboo Toothbrush - 'Embrace The Elements'

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Embracing The Elements Bamboo Toothbrush Range!


Each biodegradable bamboo toothbrush has a different logo on it, making it perfect for large families! 

Our three stunning colours: Earth Green Edition, Ocean Blue Edition, representing the colours of our wonderful planet and Solidarity Purple Edition.

Our six logos: sun, leaf, raindrop, moon, heart and star.


In a UK first, a group of dentists have come together and made THE ideal brush! Every feature is specially designed to deep clean your teeth, and gently massage your gums to ensure optimum health. 


The bamboo used for the handle of this brush is sustainably and ethically sourced - it is also fully biodegradable. Ergonomics of the handle is designed for 99% of the self-brushing population. In addition the neck of the toothbrush is designed to get to those hard to reach molars at the back!


The bristles are made from nylon-6, as it does not absorb moisture or retain bacteria. They are also blunted at the tips to ensure they do not cause tooth wear and abrasion related gum recession with over eager brushing!


All components are cruelty free, and we do not support slave labour - guaranteed by our manufacturing partners. BPA free.


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