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21st September 2019 - an important day for the environment

As a team of dentists who are dedicated to providing a range of ethical bamboo toothbrushes and zero waste toothpaste tablets, we at Brush Fresh are always impressed when communities and groups of people come together to help try to do good for the environment.

The 21st September 2019 two important days for the environment:

  • World Clean up Day

  • International Coastal Clean up Day

2019 marked the eleventh year of "World CleanuWorld Cleanup Day", a traditional that started in 2008 in Estonia, where 50,000 people joined up to clean the entire country in five hours.

From that initial clean up, the idea of World Clean up Day was formed and since then has grown to cover 180 countries across the globe - with people coming together with a shared passion to clean their environment and help protect the earth.

World Clean up Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 180 countries across the world for a cleaner planet.


What impressed us most was the simplicity of the idea.

Think about it for a moment... many Charities and other "goodwill" organisations run on one source - money. For some people across the world, making ends meet is hard enough without the added commitment to fund charities. However, everyone, whatever the age, is capable of simply picking up rubbish, whether it be from beaches, the oceans, forests or towns and cities.

"In 2018, a 101-year old man volunteered to clean in Curaçao" - About WorldCleanUpDay

And here at Brush Fresh we applaud any organisation aiming, like us, to help improve the environment.

On the same day, the International Coastal Cleanup Day also ran. Founded in 1986 by the Ocean Conservancy in 2019 groups from over 100 countries now come together to collecting and documenting the litter that is found on the coastlines.

Thanks to volunteers around the world, the International Coastal Clean up has become a beacon of hope, leading and inspiring action in support of our ocean. Over the years, this movement has created a family that spans oceans and country borders. A network that works together for something bigger than us.

Again, like World Clean Up Day, the idea is simple, but also generates important data regarding the content of the litter that's being collected.

Days such as these are a simple, free way for us to help our environment. Empowering people to help means that people feel that they are helping the environment, and giving back to the earth.

And it's not just people who are invested in such projects. Simply taking a look at the project partners of both of these days raises massive names from the world of business such as the Coca-Cola Foundation, Bank of America, American Express, Breitling, Dow Chemicals, Starbucks, Fujitsu and Toyota. Groups and companies who can see the movement and want to help by supporting these fantastic causes.

So how are Brush Fresh helping the environment and why do we care?

The dental industry for the past fifty years has been predominately plastic based. Think about the key products - toothbrushes have been pretty much 100% made from plastic, as have toothpaste tubes. And, unfortunately, plastic was not readily recyclable until the past 10 - 15 years. Therefore we have the majority of the industries products in landfill and waste sites, still there after being buried many years ago.

Plastic doesn't breakdown easily - and even after 500 years, tubes and toothbrushes only break down in to plastic micro particles which are still not truly compostable.

Brush Fresh saw this as a challenge - how could we make dental products which are good for your dental health, but also provide them in a way which would be better for the environment and reduce our impact on the environment?

That's when we developed our own bamboo toothbrush - ergonomically designed to fit your mouth better than other wooden brushes, along with our toothpaste tablets. Both of which come packaged in recycled cardboard, and our brushes are fully compostable. No plastics in our products at all - simply great ingredients and a thoughtful approach to dental hygiene to help the environment.

Want to find out more about us and why we are shaking up the dental industry? Check out our about us page, or drop us an email - we'd been happy to answer any questions you have!




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