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A new year, a new decade... a new you?

A new year, and in fact a new decade is upon us.

For most of us, the New Year begins with the dreaded "New Year Resolutions". You know, those things that we say we are going to do and then can never keep them up?

Some of us say "I want to be fitter this year". We go and buy all the gear, sign up to the gym, buy a bike and start running. Normally for about two weeks.

Some of us say "This year, I want to spend less money". That's a good one, because it comes at the same time as most companies start running their New Year sales.

Others say "I want to cut down / stop drinking". If you have friends and family and often go out, this one is much easier said than done.

However, some of us take a look at our environmental impact on the world, and we decide we want to reduce our waste and try to do our own little bit to help the planet. Unlike the others above, reducing the waste we create is something that, with only a little thought and habit changes, is something that can be quite easily achieved.

There are so many ways in which we can change our lifestyle by only a very small amount, that has a big impact on the world. The biggest way to do this is to reduce the amount of plastic we use.

Unfortunately, plastic, although widely recycled, is still thrown away in waste on a massive scale. And once plastic is within our landfill and tips, it sits there for hundreds of years, before breaking down into plastic components - therefore, never fully breaking down.

Even worse is that plastic is quickly accumulating in the seas and oceans, causing severe problems to the whole eco-system.

Some countries in the world are already pushing hard to stop the use of single use plastics. In December, Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed Bill 40 into law in Hawaii. Bill 40 is probably one of the most strictest disposable plastic bans in the world. The people of Hawaii have been fighting for many years with the amount of plastics washed up on their shores, and this landmark bill will aim to reduce the amount of plastic and other non-recyclable materials to be used on the island.

As singer Jack Johnson, a native of Hawaii says: " We can’t continue to simply clean-up our coastlines...we need to reduce plastic waste at the source."

plastic bottle that were caught in the sea

So how can we help?

Small, simple changes can make a big difference. Plastic bags can be replaced with hemp or fabric bags and reused. Even making a change from single use plastic bags to reusable bags can have an impact. Some of the larger chains are already trying to help - the Co-Operative for example have made all of their single use plastic bags compostable (just like our toothbrushes!).

How about Milk? For over 150 years, milk has been delivered direct to your doorstep by your milkmen. In 1975, 94% of all milk in the UK was delivered in glass bottles - which are reused by the dairies. However, by 1990, that number had been reduced to a staggering 3% as the supermarkets used plastic bottles and cartons. Although the number is slowly on the increase again, think about the positive impact that having your milk delivered could offer - they use glass reusable bottles on electric milk floats...

All this is great you're thinking, but what about toothpaste and toothbrushes, which is what you sell?

Brush Fresh, since our entry into the dental market in 2019, have been fully committed to offering the very best products, using the highest quality ingredients which are completely recyclable. We understand the impact that we're having on the environment, and this is one of the reasons that we set up our business in the first place.

Our toothpaste tablets for example come packaged in completely recycled cardboard. There are no plastics involved in the packaging at all, and all of the ingredients we use come from sustainable sources, with no harmful additives or additions. Completely vegan, we as a business believe that, unlike other toothpaste tablet providers across the world, we can bring our products to you in a more ethical way.

Brush Fresh Plastic Free Toothpaste Tablets & Toothbrushes
Lets help eradicate plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes by moving to Brush Fresh plastic free, zero waste toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrushes

Our bamboo toothbrushes are made of, yes, you guessed it, bamboo which only comes from sustainable, ethical sources. Ergonomically designed to fit your mouth perfectly, the toothbrushes we sell come packaged in recycled cardboard. And it's done, and after removal of the bristles, you can dispose of the brush in your green waste as the brush is completely compostable!

Brush Fresh are dedicated to reducing (and removal) of any harmful products when it comes to cleaning your teeth so that you can help us help the planet, not only for us, but for future generations. By making the shift to products like ours, you're making a concerted effort to change your impact on the environment.

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