about flouride

About Fluoride

As dentists, we are fans of fluoride. However, not everyone is, so we have both fluoride and non fluoride options in our store. So what is fluoride anyway?

Fluoride is a mineral often added to dental products. It is naturally occurring and can be found in things from toothpaste, to salt, to fish and milk (and much much more). 👍


About flouride


How does fluoride benefit me?🤔

Fluoride combines with your enamel to strengthen it against tooth decay and erosion. It also prevents bacteria from launching damaging acids on your teeth. Since fluoride has been introduced into some water systems, up to 60% of people get less holes in their teeth.

Is fluoride good for kids? 🤔👦 Fluoride is excellent for children, ensure you get good advice on this subject. Different ages of children benefit from different concentrations of fluoride.


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I've heard fluoride isn't good for our bodies, is this true? 🤔 It's a very good question that comes up quite frequently. Scientifically speaking, at normal doses, fluoride has been proven to be perfectly safe. Just like anything else, if fluoride is ingested in extraordinary quantities it may cause issues, like tummy upsets or nausea. Please keep all medicines, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals away from children.

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What is fluorosis? 🤔

Fluorosis is a change in the appearance of the teeth, caused by a child having significantly more fluoride than necessary. For example, now outdated fluoride supplements. (very high in fluoride) combined with fluoride from food, water, and toothpaste - may have provided more fluoride than needed. Speak to your dentist (or us) if you want to know how much fluoride your child needs to keep their teeth healthy. .

Should I rinse after brushing? 🤔 No, fluoride has the best effect when given enough time to work. Brush for 2 minutes, spit out the toothpaste and recycle your Brush Fresh packaging. Job done!


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If you are aiming for a no fluoride toothpaste, please see your dentist to give you tips on how to live a life free of tooth decay.


Any other questions? Ask us❓


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