Brush Rinse Spit? Eco

Brush Rinse Spit? Eco

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Brush Rinse Spit? Eco


What’s the ideal brushing routine?

Brush Rinse Spit?

Brush Spit Rinse?

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Read on below and find out the ideal routine, as suggested by Dentists!

Dentists recommend that you: 

1. Floss (our Brush Fresh flossing range is coming soon).

2. Rinse with water or mouthwash (our Brush Fresh mouthwash range is coming soon).

3. Brush for two minutes, making sure all surfaces of the teeth are spotless.

4. Spit the toothpaste out.

5. Ta da! Enjoy your sparkly whites!

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Why should I do it in this order?

1. Flossing dislodges unwanted food and plaque from between your teeth. This may make your gums bleed a bit initially, but persist and this will eventually stop. If your gums are still bleeding after 2 weeks see your dentist

2. Rinsing washes out all the loose bits of grime that you’ve just dislodged by flossing

3. Brushing is a form of ‘mechanical’ plaque removal. By this we mean forces from your hand goes through the toothbrush and scrubs off any dirt from your teeth – this is the way humans have cleaned their teeth for centuries. This is combined with toothpaste, a form of chemical plaque removal – it’s contents battle bacteria and react with enamel to harden it

4. Spitting the toothpaste out and not rinsing ensures all the fluoride stays on the tooth surface, giving it more time to harden your enamel and fight off bacteria

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