How long does it REALLY take for plastic to decompose?

How long does it REALLY take for plastic to decompose?

When we think about plastics, we often think about the impact that they are having in the environment. We're often told that they are very harmful to the planet, and that's absolutely the case. But we're often not told the full extent to the problem they cause.

More and more plastics are being recycled. This is a good thing. The plastics are reused, and don't get thrown into landfill. Unfortunately, a high percentage of plastics is not recycled and does go to landfill. In fact, this number could be as high as 91% (as outlined in this National Geographic post from 2017).

Since plastics started being mass produced in the 50s, we've created a staggering 8.3 billion metric tons of it. and 6.3 billion metric tons has become plastic waste.

Dame Ellen McArthur stated a few years ago that, by 2050, she believed that there would be more plastics on our seas and oceans than fish. That's a frightening thought.

The true extent of the problem lies not just in our inability to recycle items, but the fact that plastic, unlike other items, does not decompose in the same way.

Unfortunately, plastics never truly decompose. What happens is that plastics break down into smaller and smaller plastic components. This means that we never actually get rid of any plastics we create.

"Plastics don't biodegrade like organic matter, which means they can't be converted by living organisms into useful compounds for life. Instead, they photodegrade, a process by which photons from the sun's rays pulverize the plastic polymers until they are broken into individual molecules." (Popular Science) (sourced from

plastic waste on the beach
Plastic Waste Makes It's Way To the Seas And Oceans

Thankfully, companies such as Brush Fresh have seen the impact we're having on the planet, and want to do something about it!

Understanding that plastics are such a massive problem, we've created a ergonomically designed toothbrush from bamboo, which is completely compostable and recyclable. Bamboo comes from sustainable and ethically sourced suppliers and has a much lower impact on the environment than other wood based products.

All of our products are also packaged in completely recycled cardboard - we use no plastics in our packaging.

We are dedicated and committed to helping the planet, not only for the next generation, but for future generations. The time is now to make simple changes which can have a long lasting impact on the planet, and we're doing out bit to help.

Join Brush Fresh on our campaign to reduce the plastics from your dental products once and for all! Brush Fresh - helping the planet, one toothbrush at a time!

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