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How to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Thinking of restyling your bathroom? A great way to help the environment within your home is by revamping your bathroom in an eco-friendly manner. You can make your bathroom eco-friendly by purchasing eco-friendly dental products, and refillable shampoos and by using less water. 

If you are looking to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, you can:

  1. Buy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
  2. Invest in Eco-Friendly Dental Products
  3. Switch to Refillable Shampoos
  4. Use Less Water 
  5. Buy Reusable Sanitary Products

1. Buy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Having quick and easy cleaning fixes to laborious tasks in the bathroom can feel like a blessing. Did you know that these items can be eco-friendly too? 

Eco-friendly cleaning products are made with biodegradable chemicals and are free from single-use plastics. 

Buying eco-friendly alternatives will help you with your goals of a sustainable bathroom. One of our favourite products is from Wild & Stone. Their eco-friendly toilet brush is a great example of an eco-friendly alternative. The brush is plastic free and so when it is time to throw it away, it can be added to compost.

Other brands such as Smol provide plastic-free multi-purpose sprays that can be used to clean your bathroom. Lowering your plastic waste in this manner is a great first step to making your bathroom more eco-friendly. 

2. Invest in Eco-Friendly Dental Products

Adapting your dental routine to include eco-friendly products will help to reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastics you throw away. 

Plastic toothbrushes and non-recyclable toothpaste tubes create a large amount of waste - think about how many toothpaste tubes you and your family go through in a year! In the UK, nearly 60 million toothpaste tubes are sent to landfills each year. Your plastic waste can significantly reduce if you use plastic-free dental products

At Brush Fresh, all of our products are plastic-free and eco-friendly. Our toothpaste tablets are perfect for people looking to make eco-friendly changes to their lifestyles. In addition, bamboo toothbrushes act as a great alternative to plastic toothbrushes and are naturally antimicrobial. 

Investing in a plastic-free dental routine will not only help with your mission of improving the eco-friendliness of your bathroom but will also leave your teeth feeling clean and strong.

Bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly 

3. Switch to Refillable Shampoos

Refillable products are a great initiative to lower the amount of single-use plastic you use. The Body Shop has created a refill scheme that is available in over 400 stores, which allows customers to refill, reuse and repeat a variety of their products. 

4. Use Less Water 

Using large quantities of water can cause a negative impact on the environment. The filtration process to make water drinkable is an energy-intensive process. The process is costly, both in terms of money and time.

To avoid using excessive amounts of water, there are multiple ways you can cut down on your water usage. 

Firstly, it is important to check your bathroom for any leaks, these will especially be prominent around your shower and toilet. If there are any leak issues, fix them as soon as possible to make sure no excess water is being wasted before you get to use it. 

A further suggestion would be to take shorter showers. Statistics show that a 10-minute shower uses 20 gallons of water. If possible, try to shave a couple of minutes off your usual showering time. 

Another simple change would be to turn off your tap when brushing your teeth. The two-minute flow of water when brushing your teeth wastes up to 8 gallons of water a day. 

These easy changes could help you to save gallons of water in a day- think of the impact that could have in a year.

water wastage when brushing teeth

5. Buy Reusable Sanitary Products

Investing in reusable sanctuary products can help you to reduce your plastic waste. Most sanitary towels contain up to 90% plastic, this can be reduced if you make small switches to your monthly routine. 

Period underwear can help you to save money over time as your spending on disposable sanitary products decreases. This washable alternative also reduces your plastic waste, making for a great addition to your eco-friendly bathroom. 

To conclude, there are many ways to make your bathroom more eco-friendly, from reducing your water usage to investing in eco-friendly dental products. The process of changing your bathroom habits may take some time, but the benefits you will reap are vast, including lower water bills and reduced single-use plastic use. 

Brush Fresh Co. is founded and run by a group of UK-based dentists, who specialise in environmentally-friendly and sustainable dental products. From biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes to zero waste toothbrush tablets, our product range has been designed to put both your dental health and the environment first. For more information and dental care advice, head over to our blog page or get in contact with us here.


Written by Luthien, for Brush Fresh Co.
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