Is Natural Toothpaste Better for Your Teeth?

Is Natural Toothpaste Better for Your Teeth?

The simple answer to this question is - it depends. This is because ultimately, the best toothpaste for your teeth will come down to a number of different factors like your individual oral health needs, your preferences, and any professional guidance provided by your dentist.

For example, if you’re passionate about minimising the environmental impact of dental products then natural toothpaste is a better option, as a lot of natural toothpaste brands focus on environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable sourcing of ingredients. Also, if you depend on a vegan lifestyle then natural toothpaste is great as they often use plant-based ingredients like herbal extracts, essential oils and plant-derived sweeteners.

However, some natural toothpastes are fluoride free, and while some individuals would prefer the absence of fluoride, others find it a necessary part of their oral hygiene routine as it is widely recognised for its role in preventing tooth decay, gum disease and strengthening teeth. These individuals might therefore find conventional toothpaste a better choice for their teeth. 

There are however a number of benefits of using natural toothpaste. But before we look at these in more detail, let’s ensure we fully understand what it is exactly, and how it differs from the conventional toothpaste that we’re all familiar with. 

What Is a Natural Toothpaste?

In short - natural toothpaste is a special type of toothpaste made primarily from natural ingredients (i.e plants and minerals) rather than synthetic or chemical compounds like that found in conventional toothpaste

Is Natural Toothpaste Better for Your Teeth?
There has been a significant rise in the use of natural toothpaste, due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and absence of nasty things such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, synthetic additives, flavours and fragrances.

The Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

5 Benefits of using natural toothpaste in your daily oral routine include:

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals
  2. Environmentally friendly & cruelty-free
  3. Alternative cleaning agents
  4. Gentle on your gums & teeth
  5. Safer for children

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

One of the most common reasons why people make the switch to natural toothpaste is because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, synthetic additives and artificial preservatives that can be found in conventional toothpaste. For those who are sensitive to certain chemicals or prefer more natural products for their overall health and well-being, this can be a significant advantage.

What’s more, natural toothpaste formulations often avoid Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a foaming agent commonly found in conventional toothpaste that can cause irritation for some individuals. 

Is Natural Toothpaste Better for Your Teeth?
While our vegan and zero waste toothpaste tablets at Brush Fresh do contain fluoride, they are ethically sourced and produced free of any unnecessary harmful additives.

2. Environmentally Friendly & Cruelty-Free

As touched on, it’s super common for natural toothpaste brands to focus on using environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, which can appeal to individuals looking for eco-friendly products and minimal impact on the environment. If saving the environment is important to you, it’s best you also opt for a zero waste bamboo toothbrush in your dental routine, as they are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than normal plastic toothbrushes. 

As natural toothpaste contains plant-based ingredients, they are cruelty-free and many brands offer vegan natural toothpaste options, which can be essential for individuals who prefer products that align with their ethical values. 

At Brush Fresh, our zero-waste toothpaste tablets are only made from natural and vegan-friendly ingredients. Discover more about toothpastes being vegan friendly here. 

3. Alternative Cleaning Agents

While many natural toothpastes don’t use fluoride, they do use alternative cleaning agents like calcium fluoride or calcium carbonate, which are mildly abrasive and can help remove surface stains from teeth, helping them appear cleaner, whiter & brighter in a matter of seconds. 

Fluoride is completely safe to use, however some individuals prefer not to use it as part of their dental routine if they have a fluoride allergy or experienced dental fluorosis, for example. In these cases, natural toothpastes with alternative cleaning agents is a much healthier and more comfortable option. 

4. Gentle on Your Gums & Teeth

Some natural toothpaste formulations may be milder and gentler on the gums and tooth enamel. This can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive teeth or gums who might struggle using highly abrasive conventional toothpaste.

Many natural toothpastes also contain tasty natural essential oils like peppermint or spearmint, which of course can provide a natural and refreshing flavour in the mouth, resulting in fresh breath and a clean feel. 

5. Safer for Children

Some conventional toothpaste on the market can be harmful to children if consumed, hence the warning label on many of these products stating “If you’ve accidentally swallowed, seek professional assistance immediately.” 

Letting your children use natural toothpaste is a much safer option for their oral care as these ingredients come from natural sources and are better for you if accidentally swallowed.

It’s important to note that, if you are considering using natural toothpaste, be sure to consult with your dentist beforehand to ensure that it meets your oral health needs and to receive personalised advice on maintaining good dental hygiene if necessary.

Is Natural Toothpaste Better for Your Teeth?Here are some of our top tips for cleaning children’s teeth.

How To Know Toothpaste Is Natural

The easiest way to determine whether toothpaste is natural is by checking the packaging and looking out for any claims or labels that indicate it is "natural," "organic," "chemical-free," or similar terms. That said, keep in mind that these labels can be used for marketing purposes and sometimes might not portray the actual composition of the toothpaste.

The most reliable way to check if a toothpaste is natural is to review the ingredient list on the toothpaste packaging. The ingredients are usually listed in descending order of concentration, with the most significant amount at the top. Look for those natural ingredients we mention above i.e. plant-derived components like herbal extracts, essential oils (e.g., peppermint oil, tea tree oil), and natural sweeteners (e.g., xylitol).

It’s also worth conducting some of your own research on the toothpaste brand and their ethics. Check their social media and website for customer reviews and testimonials to get a sense of the product's reputation and how others have found it.


Brush Fresh Co. is founded and run by a group of UK-based dentists, who specialise in environmentally-friendly and sustainable dental products. From biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes to zero waste toothbrush tablets, our product range has been designed to put both your dental health and the environment first. For more information and dental care advice, head over to our blog page or get in contact with us here.

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