Want more We now offer wholesale!

Want more? We now offer wholesale!

You love our products right? Tooth-tabs that make your teeth smile, sustainable bamboo toothbrushes that shiatsu massage your gums and enamel... what's not to love?

bulk dental supplies

In fact, you love them so much you want to share them with customers of your own?

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Well we understand your situation, which is why we now offer our products wholesale!

All you need to do is send us an email at brushfreshco@gmail.com to request an order/ bespoke quote, it's as simple as that! Find our basic price guide below:

Fluoride toothpaste tablets (10,000) - £208.99 not including delivery

Toothbrushes (100) - £159.99

Discounts available for larger orders

Thank you

bulk dental supplies
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