David Attenborough says that we are at a "crisis moment" for the planet

David Attenborough: We Are at a “Crisis Moment” for the Planet

In a recent interview with the BBC, David Attenborough has said that we're currently at a "crisis moment".

According to the renowned naturalist and broadcaster, "we have been putting things off for year after year".

"As I speak, south east Australia is on fire. Why? Because the temperatures of the Earth are increasing," he said.

Sir David's comments came in a BBC News interview to launch a year of special coverage on the subject of climate change.

He told the BBC it was "palpable nonsense" for some politicians and commentators to suggest that the Australian fires were nothing to do with the world becoming warmer.

"We know perfectly well," he said, that human activity is behind the heating of the planet.

David Attenborough says that we are at a "crisis moment" for the planet
David Attenborough - "The moment of Crisis has come"

Since the beginning of 2020, it's also been confirmed that two animals have become extinct. The Blue Macaw, as seen in the animated film Rio has been confirmed as extinct in the wild, whilst the Chinese Paddlefish is thought to be completely extinct by National Geographic.

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